The Pedagogy Seminar is designed to train graduate teaching assistants who aspire to teach at the university level. Students enrolled in the Pedagogy Seminar will learn to lead seminar discussions on a variety of topics, to prepare and give lectures, to help undergraduate students develop their faculties for textual and visual analysis, to evaluate student assignments and to comment insightfully on essays. Students enrolled in the Pedagogy Seminar will develop syllabi and curricula.

The pedagogy seminar runs parallel to the undergraduate survey course, ARC2701: History of Design from Antiquity to the Eighteenth Century, and a set number of students in the Pedagogy Seminar will each be assigned a section of undergraduate students from that course, with whom they will work closely to develop critical and interpretive skills through writing assignments and weekly discussion sessions. In addition to the survey course instructor, the seminar will feature guest lecturers from other humanities disciplines at FIU, including English, History, Geography, Music and Anthropology.

N.B. – the Pedagogy Seminar is not limited to teaching assistants in ARC2701. The Pedagogy Seminar is designed to help students develop their skills as teachers in  number of disciplines.



An excellent document explaining the FIU writing standards for architecture students.

Pedagogy Seminar